Tharjay Charitable Projects


"Tharjay" means "development" in Tibet. Tharjay charitable projects are largely run by volunteers who selflessly contribute time and effort.

Charitable Trusts

Rinpoche had established two Charitable Foundations, Karma Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo Public Charitable Trust for his Monastery in Bodhgaya and his people in the refugee camp of Mainpat, India.

The Tharjay Charitable Foundation (TCF) in Hong Kong is the second Foundation. In 1995, Rinpoche started the Tharjay Charitable Foundation (TCF) with his Hong Kong disciples. The TCF was registered in accordance with the law of Hong Kong and had its head office in Hong Kong and branches in places such as in China, the Nangchen Shordha and France. H.E. Beru Khyentse Rinpoche is the Founder and also the President of this Foundation. Under his guidance, this Foundation had provided assistance and supported many social activities in the east of Tibet, Kham Nangchen Drokshok.

Through these Trusts, Rinpoche undertakes Dharma and social projects in Tibet and India. There were other branches of the Tharjay Charitable Foundation in three other countries.

Dharma Projects

Tharjay Administration Office building in Shonda, Yushu Xening, Qinghai. Rinpoche bought a piece of land in Shonda area in Tibet for Tharjay Foundation's office and guesthouse. These buildings were officially opened on 19 th October 1998 . The same year, an institute for higher Buddhist studies or Shedra was built with many classrooms for the monks. This Shedra now has about thirty-five students including Khenpos or professors and attendants to take care of their meals and other daily necessities. Rinpoche provides them consistently with financial support.

There were also young orphan monks aged between seven to fifteen years, who had no one to take care of their education. Rinpoche therefore, started a Primary school and engaged a teacher. Apart from paying a monthly salary to the teacher, Rinpoche also pays a monthly fee for caring the children. At the same time, Rinpoche also provides retreat lamas with food and lodging as well as food for the nuns of Tharjay Nunnery. Since 1998, Rinpoche had provided food and sponsorship to the Tharjay resident monks for the yearly and monthly grand pujas.

Educational Projects

Teachers and school children with Beru Khyentse Rinpoche, 2000.

In the year 2000, the TCF under the influence of Rinpoche provided aid to sixty small children. They had six classrooms and six dormitories, each being occupied by ten children. The school consists of a teacher's quarter, kitchen, dining hall, toilets and surrounded by a perimeter wall. The estimated construction cost is about US$45, 000. The school is near the Tharjay nunnery and is located 17 km from the Tharjay monastery.

Shonda High School - Tharjay Foundation donated 10 units of computers for students' higher learning.

Welfare and Health Projects

In 1984, when Rinpoche visited Switzerland and France , he met Swiss association ETRE and France association, APACT and requested them to help Tibetan refugee camp no.2 in Mainpat, India. There are over 350 people in this camp who are living a very tough life that lacks basic facilities such as good drinking water and houses that are without toilet and electricity. Even though the refugee camp had been established in 1965, for the past fifteen to twenty years, there was no toilet and electricity and the people have been using kerosene lamps. Extremely bad roads with a distance of about 75-km, separates the hospital and the city.

At the request of Rinpoche, these two associations have been contributing their best to help these people since 1987. They gave family sponsorships to the people of the camp via Rinpoche's Public Charitable Trust. They had also contributed school fees to students, donations for repairing the primary school and salary for the teacher and the tutors of the primary school.

They had also helped to build forty-two toilets for the families in the camp, established three water pumps, provide an ambulance for the patients and a tractor for farming. The mid-day meal for the nursery children was also paid for and expenses have been sponsored for urgent medical treatment in special cases. Ms Denise Campet Remy and Francine Champion are the Presidents of the French and Swiss associations respectively. With their kind assistance, the lives of the people in the camp have improved significantly. Like all the other Tibetan settlements in India, the Indian Government and the exile Tibetan Government has also contributed their kind assistance.

Our Tharjay branch in France invited four doctors, who contributed their time and expenses to assist in making a proposal on what type of medical care that are in dire need in the above mentioned area. According to the survey, the most common problems included respiratory conditions, tuberculosis, stomach and intestinal ailments, rheumatism, broken bones, etc. Eye conditions are found in many people, who are in need of simple glasses to improve eyesight. Teeth problems are also common, the most prevalent treatment being extraction. Fostering education on hygiene becomes all too important in preventing many illnesses. Therefore, the Tharjay Fund focuses mainly on both prevention and treatment.

Beru Khyentse Rinpoche's Tharjay Foundation provides financial support and manpower to construct three bridges and many roads for the poor people in the Nangchen Drok Shok area (East Tibet).  The existing road conditions were very bad and dangerous but with the construction of the new bridges and roads the people can now travel safely and happily.For three years (1996 to 1998), the TCF had distributed money to very poor families, the sick, orphans and old people without support. Rinpoche helped many of them with his own money. The Foundation had also built three small bridges for the benefit of the village people.

In 1998, TCF undertook the project of establishing an eye clinic to serve the ten other villages. About 225 people in this region needed help, with over seventy people coming from very poor villages like Drokshok, Dompa and Kashong.

These three villages having no facilities were the poorest and located very far from the city and hospital. Therefore, Rinpoche provided them with full medical support such as contact lenses, glasses and medicine.

In 2002, the Tharjay hospital was completed and opened, which continues to provide Tibetan and Western medical treatment.

Tharjay Hospital - located in Nangchen Drok Shok area since 2002.  The hospital provides free medical consultation and gives free medicine to the poor and unfortunate people.

In July 2002, The Tharjay Clinic was opened and set up on a piece of land about an hour from the Tharjay School which was opened in 2002.The Tharjay clinic has equipped with waiting and consultation rooms, a simple operating theater and patient beds. There are also accommodations for doctors as well where the plan is to bring in foreign specialists in the summer months for training purposes.

Tharjay Hospital - French voluntary doctors performing general surgeries. Tharjay Hospital - French voluntary doctors performing general surgeries.

The Tharjay Clinic will also has a local GP, optician, dental surgeon and a Tibetan medicine doctor, as Tibetan medicines are being use in combination with western medication.

Ongoing projects

In July 2004, Beru Khyentse Rinpoche together with doctors from France and other Tharjay members visited Tibet to contribute their assistance. A nursery will be constructed at Nyethang area near Lhasa for the benefit of the Nyethang village people.


Your contribution no matter how small will help make a big difference in all those who are in need and for the humble anilas' simple life. With your contribution, you would have given them access to proper education, shelter, meals and medicine. This is an opportunity for you to keep them from cold, hunger and illness.

"The Buddha once said that he or she who provides for the Sangha would obtain great Merit."